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Partners is a space for 7-8 figure entrepreneurs who want to collaborate on going deeper into wisdom so that we all can bring our wisdom to the marketplace completely tailored to us. Life long partnerships are made here.

This is perfect for you if you are:

  • Already making 7-8 figures/year (some 6 figure companies jump straight to Partners to get here faster).
  • Your company is centered around your expertise.
  • You have integrated leverage into your business already through information-products, membership communities, or other scaleable tools.
  • Wanting to give yourself space to tap into your true wisdom and expertise to add a zero to your company's annual income, by aligning the entire organization to your deeper essence.

Partners also has access to the Incubator community and resources. You can join below by going through an application process where we can review and send you a payment link once approved.

As soon as you join, we'll schedule our in person (or online if you don't want to travel) onboarding in beautiful La Jolla California and get you integrated right away.

Join now